A snapshot of what Heart of Florida Chiropractic patients are saying about their experiences with chiropractic care.  If you are currently a patient at our office please pick up a testimonial form at the office to share your experience.

“Before visiting Dr. Gagnon at Heart of Florida Chiropractic I was experiencing headaches almost everyday.  After the first few treatments the headaches were gone.  The treatment and customer service is excellent and I will continue to return for future treatment.” -M.D.

“When I arrived from Colorado to spend the winter my migraines were bad.  I was taking a lot of medicine to control the pain.  After starting care with Heart of Florida Chiropractic, migraines have stopped and I have been able to stop the medicine I take for them.  I recommend chiropractic care for anyone that suffers from migraines.  If you stay on their care plan they will keep you pain free.  It is less expensive too as migraine medicine is very expensive.” -S.M.

“I was in a great deal of back pain which made it difficult to enjoy many things in my life especially social affairs.  Since starting my care with Heart of Florida Chiropractic I have experienced a lot of relief from my back pain.  This has made it much easier to enjoy my family & my life.  Pain makes it very hard to put thoughts into a positive mode because all you feel is pain.  I would highly recommend the Doctors of Heart of Florida Chiropractic.  It is well worth going this route if you can feel so much better and have no surgery to recover from.” -L.M.

“One morning while doing normal chores and playing with my son, I noticed my upper back was aching. I laid down for a bit and an hour later, the pain was so bad, I couldn’t pick up my son out of his crib without extreme pain. Heart of Florida saw me right away and spent a long time explaining treatments, determining causes, and generally fixing me up. After the first visit I went from a “8” level of constant pain to a “2” if I moved the wrong way.

After the second visit, I was 100%. I ran a 5k the same week of my first visit and carried by 26 lb son a mile back to my car that night. I thought for sure I’d wake up with a ton of pain the next morning and I didn’t. Not at all! Then I did yard work and chores all weekend and still by Monday, my back was 100%! I was thrilled with the results.

The staff is warm and welcoming. They even made a point to make sure I knew they’re available on the weekend if I get in a lot of pain so I wouldn’t have to wait! This is definitely not something you see in a typical medical office!”-J.G.